Robin Moore: CEO, Nampak Flexible and Berry Astrapak

“Graham, You and your Team have been a cornerstone of our business success as well as my personal growth and learning - for which I will always be thankful and grateful. The customer insights process was the beginning of a new era at Nampak Flexible, and helped us to rebuild the trust we had lost through our acquisition period.”

“This resulted in us enjoying excellent year on year growth and we won the Nampak Company of the year award.”

Theunis Nel: CEO, Unitrans Pty Ltd

“Your Customer Process changed the way we do business in Africa, forever…”

Rob Hayworth: MD, Unitrans Africa

"Mike and Graham have worked with us in our organisation for many years, helping us build cohesive and high functioning teams and helping us to get closer to our key customers and develop joint strategic actions with them that have enabled us to help each other grow. Most recently Mike developed a process and facilitated discussion in our EXCO team to clarify Why we exist as an organisation beyond profitability and growth and to re-establish our Core Values. Mike has the ability to put the team at ease and get them to have the conversations with each other that matter. Over the years, he and his team have made a significant positive difference in the way we work together, and this has contributed to our success."

Unitrans Customer Bruce Dunlop: CEO, Tongaat Hulett

“Previously they would just throw the contract at me. There is now a recognition that they are part of the solution, and they are not just leaching out as much as they can get. I certainly couldn’t have asked for more progress from this Process.”

Tim Elliott: CEO, Nampak Sacks

Before: “We have been inwardly focused for the past 3 years trying to bed down our acquisitions and introducing world class practices. We need to know where we stand with our Customers, and we need a catalyst for top line growth.”

After: “This Process was the catalyst which changed the internal culture and helped us to rebuild and grow the Company back to healthy profit levels. As a result of this process we won the Nampak Innovation of the year award. We had our best year ever.”

Nampak Sacks Customer - Piet Strauss: CEO, NPC Cement

Before: “For a R45m account, we expected more than just an order taker”

“We needed to focus on production, we needed a partner who could take away some of the ancillary operations that takes our eye off the ball, i.e. the packing plant”

After: “Nampak Sacks has become our Partner, and they have integrated backwards into our business – they now manage both of our packing plants so that we can focus on our core business. We asked them to sign a 5-x year partnership agreement”

Shane McMeeking: CEO, Macadams Baking Systems

“This Customer process helped us to gain a much deeper insight into how our customers perceived our overall value offering. The feedback allowed us to review our market strategy, and to take back control of the overall service we provide to our Customers. This also brought us much closer to understanding our customers and the service we provide today has brought greater sustainability to our business. GMM/LMI are also our partners in developing our people to their full potential and we have seen the results of this investment. Working with you has been a pleasure. The importance of developing people in their own space and developing future leaders is often underestimated. The results we see in individuals really emphasises the importance of targeting and nurturing future leaders in the drive for sustainability. Your experience in this area of the game has been invaluable.”

Peter Starling: CEO, NCP Alcohols

“The GMM Team, has worked with us many times, facilitating change management, team and leadership development programs. We return to GMM due to the trust they develop in the teams involved and the ultimate results generated. They have taken an interest in supporting the company’s strategic direction and without doubt have played a significant role in the development of the NCP Alcohols culture”