The Purpose of the GMM Consulting Group is:

To utilise our combined experience and skills to help people to fully maximise their talents and abilities, so that, with a commitment to service and contribution, they might lead fulfilled lives and make a difference in their organisations and in the world.

In essence, we work with organizations to help them achieve their Vision, but more specifically we help them develop appropriate strategies to close the gap between their ‘Current Reality’ and the ‘Desired Future State’.

Meaningful Purpose

“A firm’s purpose is the glue that holds the organization together, the amniotic fluid that nourishes the life forces of the organization. It is the magnet that attracts the right people – the right team members, customers, suppliers and investors – to the business and aligns them.”

The above clarifies why we believe that a business that stands for something of societal value and which puts that at the center of everything that it does, will prevail in the modern world.

To help our client’s identify their purpose, we take them through a process of introspection and ask them to respond to the following:

  • Why do we exist?
  • Why do we need to exist?
  • What is the contribution that we would like to make?
  • Why is the world better because we are here?
  • Why would we be missed if we disappeared?

Having considered the above, it is this - “the essential reason for being, the higher order benefit one brings to the world” - that will sit at the core of the strategy, will serve to attract and retain the right customers and will instill a sense of pride amongst employees.