The Purpose of the GMM Consulting Group is:

To utilise our combined experience and skills to help people to fully maximise their talents and abilities, so that, with a commitment to service and contribution, they might lead fulfilled lives and make a difference in their organisations and in the world.

In essence, we work with organizations to help them achieve their Vision, but more specifically we help them develop appropriate strategies to close the gap between their ‘Current Reality’ and the ‘Desired Future State’.


When we align our business to what’s important to our Customers, it helps us to focus on the things that are really important for both their and our success. Too often Organizations are on the back foot with Customers, and then are forced to deliver only on price. This leads to a vendor mentality in the Organization, and this allows the Customer and the competitors to call the shots.

GMM’s Customer Insights Process allows Organizations to get onto the front foot with their Customers, and to change the conversation from tactical day to day “speak” to longer term strategic conversations. It also enables you to re-check your strategy and to refocus the Organization on the key focus areas which will have the most important impact on your Customers’ business going forward.

In today’s competitive environment, we need to go way beyond delivering sales solutions – let us help you to find out what insights are needed to be able to really create significant value with your Customers, and help you to become their trusted Partner.